Lake Ray Roberts Winners Metroplex

We hit the ramp at 645. Little windy but it was expected with the front. Water temps were holding steady at 49-52 degrees depending on where you were. Some water warmer up north. Our first two spots were in deeper water didn’t produce which were rock piles and a road bed. After an awful prefish I decided last night if our morning bite was not on fire we were going to go find fish, in hopes some fish were ready to move up to spawn. Decided we needed to get off the main lake and headed west because of all the rain I knew up north would be warmer water but muddy. At this time it was about 830 in the morning. We worked 2-12ft water using square bills, mid range cranks, A rig , C rig and flipped some wood but no bites. Decided to go try a spot we were close to I have fished in the past that if conditions were right would produce. I have never taken the boys back here before. It was a risk because of the severe cold front we got earlier in the week and wasn’t sure they would move up. They asked me several times where are we going. You will see.  Moved around a point and headed to the back of the pocket to see if any fish moved up on this spot. Told the boys we are headed to that clump of buck grass.  The buck grass was shallow with deep water transition near by with a creek channel with dormant hydrilla. Zach is fishing next year for Tarleton State so I try and teach them something new each outing. Key was slow retrieve bouncing baits off the briar stickups. I always tell them choose what they have confidence in. Connor chose spinner bait and Zach chose Zman Chatterbaits. Connor yells fish on and  hooks up first with a solid 4.5 pound fatty. I had just told Connor every tournament you want to throw that if you finally catch during the tournament with that I will stop messing with you about it. He knows I am not a spinnerbait fisherman. I know they work but they don’t for me. Two casts later he shuts me up. It’s now 845. We circle around the buck grass. And Zach while throwing a Zman chatterbait yells fish on hooks up with a 3.5lber. We circle around once again Connor yells fish on and Connor lands another fish this one probably goes close to 4. Ok boys we got a pattern. As we are circling around I pointed out to Zach there is a buck grass stick up moving opposite direction of the wind. I have him cast at it several times nothing. I pick up my rod sling a jackhammer just past the stickup and whack she hits it just as it hits the water. Tell the boys it’s big. Both boys are now mad at me again when they see her come out of the water. I try and let them fish and hate taking fish away from them. And usually when I do and hook up they have been big. It’s probably about 930. There are a couple of boats around hearing us hooting and hollaring with excitement after each fish. And we all agreed we were not leaving biting fish. They made that mistake on the Lewisville tourney wanting to leave biting fish. We hit the bank just behind the briar stick ups with fallen trees and a creek dumping in but no bites. This spot was probably 40 yards long and ten yards wide that they fished all day. We went right back to it in hopes it will keep replenishing. We circled and Zach throwing the Zman chatterbait hooks up. He says “dad it’s big” grab the net get her in the boat and it’s a fatty going close to 6. They didn’t weigh big fish so could of been more or less but  this fish was fat.  We continue to circle around this spot and Connor  yells fish on and catches a solid 4 lber using a Zman Chatterbait then Zach hooks up with another We have 5 fish limit all decent fish And it’s only 10am. We are all excited and the talks of winning this begin. But they have been knocked out of 1st a couple of times in the past and we all knew they needed a another decent kicker. We were so excited this morning we didn’t even use the cull balls. I knew they had two fish just over 3lbs  in the live well that if they wanted to win this they needed to cull them. We all talked about giving this spot another solid 2 hours until 1pm if we hadn’t culled we were going to go hit some other spots to try and find a bigger fish. A couple of casts later while circling the briars Zach hooks up with another solid fish using the Zman chatterbait it’s close to 5 . We all are excited fist bumping and they are yelling let’s go. With this fish we are now able to cull the smallest fish. Now the fun begins we didn’t use culling balls. I tell Connor we have to try and find that small fish in the live well to release to put this one in. I pull up the first fish umm that isn’t it. Next fish nope that isn’t it. Finally I catch the one we think is the smallest and let it go. By this time my hands are freezing and the boys are laughing at me. I was guessing they might have 15-16lbs. Boy was I wrong. We wanted one more decent fish to cull . Sure enough right before noon Zach yells fish on! And its a solid 4lb fish. We net it and it’s going to be close. Well guess what we still didn’t use the cull balls. Ok boys put the trolling motor on anchor and we have to pull all these out and cull that last fish. Hand the fish to Connor start pulling them out one by one. And of course the last fish I pull out is the one that we ended up culling. As we were doing this I was thinking to myself this is a sack.  Connor releases the fish and we put the other fish in the live well add some keep alive and we are all hooting and hollaring. We are pumped but also nervous. We have been in this position before just to get knocked out. I wanted them to win just as bad as they did. But it’s never a sure thing when it comes to fishing.  We load the boat at 3 and we are heading to weigh in. We are getting updates 15lbs just weighed in they are first place at the moment. We are really nervous now. Another update comes in 2 fish over 9 pounds have been weighed in. Zach looks at me and says dad how much you think we have. I said 19 maybe 20. I know you guys have the 15 beat but this is Ray Roberts and we have had teams weigh in last minute just to knock us out of first. And 2 fish over 9 have weighed in. We make it to weigh in the boys go get the bags and they tell me 15 is still leading it’s now 4pm. I pull the fish out one by one and I am thinking to my self this is a heavy sack for these conditions and the way the weather has been lately. I weigh my fish first for captains pot. 9.05 lbs. but now my heart is beating in anticipation of them weighing in. And I watch them come on stage Matt says “15 lbs is leading I think you guys have that beat might have 20lbs “ he lays the fish on the scales and for once I under estimated fish weight hahahaha 23.81 lbs. Zach Dixon and Connor Burhkle are pumped and amazed by the weight. The last regular season tournament of their high school career and they finally win it for their first THSBA win! This new Metroplex division and the West division in the prior years has some big sticks. And this goes for all divisions across the state.  A lot of these kids can compete on any of the Texas Trails. The THSBA is no joke very competitive across the board and you best bring your A game to every tournament . Thank you Matt and THSBA crew for giving these kids the opportunity to do this and make memories for both the kids and their captains most of which are parents. These memories made onand off the water will always be remembered and THSBA is a big reason why!!!


The team of Zach Dixon - Connor Buhrkuhi from Arlington Martin had 23.81 to take the win. 


It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.