Bayou City Division Lake Sam Rayburn 2/22/2020

We started up shallow and caught 2 small keepers and stayed on that until about 10:00. We moved out to a long point where we graphed fish during practice that we figured had some size to them. Pretty quickly when we got to that spot we had a 3 pounder in the boat on a crank bait and soon after caught  a 5 pounder the same way. It slowed after that and we picked up a jig and caught our biggest, a 6.44. We went back up shallow to try and cull our small fish but couldn’t get bit and went back out deep on a drain. We got 2 fish about 2:40 to cull our 2 small ones and called it a day to have time to make it to weigh in.


The team of Noah Ortiz - Brett Jolley won with 17.81 and a 6.44 big bass in their bag. 

It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.