North Texas, Metroplex, West Directors

Hey team, Matt Tolnay here. First, my wife Audrey Tolnay and I would like to say welcome to all THSBA
members and fans! We are the directors for the North, West, and Metroplex divisions, and we are eager
to get the 2018-2019 season started! On that note, Audrey has challenged me to write this biography
using as much fishing lingo as possible to describe us, and our experience with THSBA.

To avoid any backlash (see what I did there), I won’t refer to my awesome wife as a hawg or a lunker,
but instead maybe a wall-hanger or a keeper! All terms of endearment if you ask me, but she may not
see it that way. We have a little baitfish named Brady, who likes to steal the microphone at tournaments
and sing or show off his sweet dance moves… you could say he was jigging to the music! Oh man she
should have never made this bet!

Audrey and I started as advisors with THSBA in 2014, and at the time had the most teams from one
school, a whopping 16! That was back when the organization had a small, white box trailer, and a dry
erase board to track angler placings. We were hooked, and have had the opportunity to grow with the
organization since then. The tremendous expansion that THSBA has experienced the last few years is
nothing short of astonishing, and we’re not even close to limiting out! We are proud to be a part of a
program that enhances the lives of student anglers and their families.
We look forward to the upcoming season, and hope we can help “set the hook” with your team!

Let’s weigh some fish! 

Matt Tolnay

It is the goal of the Texas High School Bass Association to provide a venue where high school students have the opportunity to compete in organized tournaments while establishing strict guide lines and academic standards that will allow our student anglers to excel in the class room and on the lake.